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Insurance Reimbursement

While second opinions offers some of the most reasonable Consultation prices in the industry,we understand that paying out of pocket for a Second Opinion can be hard on the budget.Especially if you would like to order multiple services. The value of Second Opinions servicesspeaks for itself. The price of a life is invaluable. The savings on a Surgery or long termtreatments can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Having good insurance can considerably lower your out of pocket costs when you are dealingwith a serious potential diagnosis or costly treatments. Your out of pocket expenses may belower in this case, but your health insurance may restrict the doctor bills that they cover, and thetreatments that they pay for. When you are dealing with a serious diagnosis or potentialtreatment you want to be absolutely sure, even if your insurance company won’t pay for thatreassurance. Proceeding through a foreign treatment process and taking new treatments canbe a daunting experience. Our experts can offer an unbiased Second Review of the diagnosticimages or medical files that you have relating to your condition.

We want to help you on your medical journey as much as possible, not just with the bestdoctors in the industry, but also with your bills. Although acceptance is not guaranteed and isnot supported by all insurance health plans. When you pay for a medical Second Opinion, andreceive a significant difference in opinion that can change your diagnosis or treatment plan, youin turn save your insurance company the dollar amounts associated with the coverage theywould have paid if you had not received a Second Opinion. Request an invoice from ourcustomer service, in order to submit your medical second opinion expense to your insurancecompany for reimbursement.

Individual Plan/Family Plan
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Employer Plans
Physician Plans
Physician Plans

Many companies have chosen to integrate Second Opinions plans into their benefit packageoptions for employees. Even if your employer isn’t offering a second opinion benefit, you canpurchase one of our personal membership options. Our coverage plans include three months ofprevious diagnostic scan second opinion services, free comparisons, and multiple live medicalconsultation options for you and your family.

Pay a monthly subscription fee for your Second Opinion benefit or pay one low annual fee withgreater discounts. We offer a variety of benefit plans for individual and family supplementalinsurance benefits. When you receive your written Second Opinion, the report can be used aspart of your medical record.

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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.