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At, it’s as easy as it can be. We're completely online, right at your fingertips. No unnecessary tasks such as driving to the doctor’s office or sitting in a waiting room, you remain in the comfort of your own home. It's simple. Just request a consultation and our experts will take care of the rest. You’ll have an accurate and reliable second medical opinion, you’ll not waste any time getting it, and you’ll be amazed at how little it will cost.
Remember, our second opinion could be your first line of defense!
  • I loved my experience with  I had received a report from my doctor that I did not understand. I tried to get in touch with my doctor but he didn’t have the time to explain what I was asking for. I ordered a consultation later that week from and was paired up with an amazing doctor who let me know exactly what my report meant. Very professional and friendly, will use this service again!
    - Matthew Z. from Colorado
  • Dear, I cannot thank-you and your staff enough for the services you have provided to me in my time of need. I was very seriously injured November 2004 and life has dealt me a horrific blow.Not only have I lost my ability to work and provide for my family, but the constant unrelenting pain which large doses of narcotics offer very limited relief has taken a huge toll on my health. Throughout this whole horrible nightmare, that I have endured for the last 9 years, the only bright spot has been my good fortune to find your company and receive your technical help sending my MRI scans for 2nd opinion. ...
  • When I received my original MRI report I knew that some of it was right but there were definitely some things missing so I sent out for a second opinion with and I received my new reports back just as they said I would. Their report was much more detailed and had a listing for all of my symptoms to the letter. I brought both reports to my doctor and he was glad to see the second opinion because he said "You should see some of the reports my patients bring in here", while he was shaking his head. I was heartsick when I saw my original report for my back and my neck but I was redeemed when I saw my ...
  • I sadly lost my Father in law last year to Pancreatic Cancer. During his investigations for his pain He did an MRI. The radiologist reported no problems. It wasn’t until we got a second opinion from another doctor that this was picked up. I’ve had several health problems myself over this year to which I had a numerous MRI’s. Due to what happened to my Father in law I always get a second opinion from as I strongly feel nothing beats peace of mind. Thank you to all at
    - Monica S. from Great Britain
  • Who knew you could learn so much in 5 minutes! I am astounded in the service and dedication the team at provided me. I can now relax and get my life back on track after speaking with a qualified physician about my history. Much Love
    - Arlene C. from Tennessee
  • After 4 years of complaints, Second Opinions judged my imagery and guided me towards the road to recovery right away. No doubt they have saved my life. Thank you!
    - Maria D. from Holland
  • is amazing. I've used them on three different occasions and they've thoroughly impressed me every time. I work full-time and enjoy it but life dealt a couple of knocks along the way that resulted in a dozen surgeries. As part of those adventures I've had three dozen MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays. Unfortunately, half the time I've been disappointed by initial radiologist’s reports that lack detail or have missed important information later spotted by neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. Imaging is an expensive procedure and the interpretation of those images significantly affects ...
  • I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful services that my husband received from staff. We are very impressed of the level of professionalism exhibited by and the tremendous quick results provided in regards with his second opinion for his MRI & X-RAY. Please accept and extend our sincere appreciation to your staff for the fine services they have given my husband. All too often the providers of service in your industry only hear of the negatives when that service is not properly delivered. When they are delivered in a professional manner, the consumer...
  • I found this service after visiting the emergency room and getting a curt, vague explanation from the attending doctor. Upon looking at the x-ray results disk, there were additional questions that I had about my radiology findings. took my concerns seriously and addressed every one of my questions in the report that was sent to me WITHIN HOURS OF UPLOADING. A well worth service.
    - Michelle B from Virginia
  • I have used for a second opinion on my brain MRI scans (with contrast) to track my brain tumor progress over time. I have used the services three times so far, and I found the service to be responsive, and the documents to be at bar with second opinions I have had from three major hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, and in many ways it was more comprehensive and informative than the short ones I used to get. They have repeatedly helped me with uploading my images and went the extra mile to fetch them from online storage too. I am definitely continuing to use their service. I have learned the hard way ...
  • I used the services of when I had an MRI of my lumbar spine done and wanted a second opinion about a potentially pinched nerve.  I found the website easy to use, I was able to quickly upload my study, and I received the radiology report the next day.  The radiology report provided by was actually more detailed than the report done by the hospital where I had the MRI done.  I would recommend the services of to anybody that wants a fast, reliable, and inexpensive second opinion...
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