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Healthcare Cost Containment

Cost Containment

Our second opinion service is effective in prevention of unnecessary, expensive treatments & surgeries.

The annual cost of unnecessary medical procedures is estimated at over $100 billion per year!

Experience and subspecialty expertise prevents unnessary diagnostic studies, procedures and surgeries. Some physicians that treat complex conditions sometimes do not have enough experience in treating such conditions. We resolve this issue by providing you with highly qualified specialists and subspecialists. According to a recent analysis of 300 oncology cases by Partners Healthcare in Boston, 12% of the cases reviewed resulted in changes in diagnosis, while 90% resulted in either a new plan or a significant change in prior treatment plan."

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Prevention

rad-costIn addition, obtaining second opinions may assist in detection and prevention of healthcare fraud and abuse.

Everyone pays the price for health care fraud through higher health plan dues and out-of-pocket costs. It also results in reduced health plan benefits and coverage to make up for higher costs.

Health care fraud costs an estimated $68 billion to $226 billion annually. According to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, each family in the U.S. pays more than $800 extra in health care costs every year because of health care fraud.

Employer Services

Second Opinion reviews are seen as a tool to reduce costs of complex cases. Second opinion medical services can be an effective cost-containment tool for employers as treatment costs for complicated cases (such as cancer and serious or other complex conditions) and those requiring expensive procedures are increasing. Misdiagnoses are discovered in up to 20 - 30 % of medical cases and treatment changes are recommended in 50-60 % of them, according to recent insurance and provider data.


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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.