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Kristin Egan, MD


Dr Kristin Egan is an ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon who runs her own practice in California.

She studied at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Princeton University. She provides many

outpatient non-invasive treatments and low impact surgical options to allow patients to recover

faster and return to their daily lives. Although Plastic surgery is typically associated with elective

procedures for cosmetic improvement, Dr Egan reminds us that customers can also have

elective procedures such as tonsillectomies, ear tubes and sinus and nasal surgeries and sleep

apnea related procedures.

She finds her patients return to her with confidence about their decision to have surgery after

seeking a Second Opinion. She also recognizes that the telemedicine services offered through are especially valuable to patients with busy lifestyles and in a health

system where patients can wait months to see a local specialist. Patients may also experience

delays with insurance coverage for Specialists, especially for a Second Opinion.

Dr Kristin Egan is dual board-certified in both Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She entered the field of ENT and Facial Plastic

Surgery because of her interest in the surgical anatomy of the head and neck region and her

love of working with her hands. Dr Egan is one of the top specialists in her field and actively

tries new technologies on herself. By utilizing the services which she offers, she provides unique

insight for patients, especially women who may have reservations about in office procedures

and surgery.

When I asked Dr Egan how she felt Second Opinions were beneficial she stated that she

recommends any patient who may be having doubts regarding a surgery or procedure to speak

to another specialist. She also finds that telemedicine has offered an alternative for patients who

may be having trouble getting an appointment with a specialist or who have limited access to

specialists. Telemedicine services allow patients to get in touch with a specialist right away with

no insurance approval and no need to travel.

Dr Egan is excited to offer the Laser Lift procedure using the latest technology to deliver laser

energy underneath your skin and stimulate collagen production in the dermis, which leads to

skin tightening much like a surgical facelift.
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