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Online medical second opinion

from $129

Our radiology experts offer comprehensive assessments of your medical images for a personalized professional second opinion.
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from $399

Our neurology experts provide diagnostic interpretations of complex central and peripheral nervous system diseases.
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Our oncologists provide you with personalized second opinions and assessments of your diagnosis and treatment plan.
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Orthopedic Surgery
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Orthopedic Surgery

Our orthopedic surgeons offer consultations for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including diagnosis with optional conservative or interventional treatment plans.
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Select specialty and Create An Account
  • Create an account by using your email and deciding on a password.
  • These credentials will be used to log into the platform and access your files and second opinion reports.
Create Your Second Opinion Service Order
  • Select the relevant medical service you want. Provide information about your current medical condition.
  • Upload your medical documents and make your payment.
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  • In most cases, your second opinion report will be available for download from your account within 48 hours.

Why choose us

Our commitment is to your peace of mind and well-being.

Expert Care, Anywhere

Access medical opinions from a vast network of renowned specialists, no matter where you live.

Fast and Reliable

Skip the wait times and travel hassles. Our online consultations are designed to offer you efficient and reliable healthcare opinions within 2-5 days.

Confidential and Caring

Your privacy and comfort are important to us. We make sure you have a supportive environment for open and honest conversations. For more information please see our privacy policy

Saves Time and Money

Our online consultations aim to offer you a cost-effective and efficient solution without compromising on quality of care.

Empowering CT Imaging Results with Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology to identify findings that correlate with chronic conditions to improve patient care. Learn more >


Find answers to your questions

1. Do I need my primary doctor’s permission to obtain a second opinion?

You do not need your primary care physician’s permission to ask for a second opinion. We will not contact your doctor, nor will we send them any of your confidential reports unless you have requested that we do so.

2. What information do I need to provide for a second opinion?

You will need to register by creating an account, answer a medical form, send related medical documents, and upload your scans from your computer (CD/USB or other external drive.) Your scans (on CDs or DVDs) can also be sent to us via mail or delivery service. For more information click here.

3. How long will it take to get a second opinion?

Generally, you will receive your report within 48 hours after we successfully receive your images. Complex reports might take up to 5 business days. However, in special cases, it might take longer and you will be updated by our support team.

4. What are the qualifications of the doctors providing second opinions?

We represent a network of United States certified doctors, trained at US institutions, and with required state licenses. Many of our doctors are fellowship trained and have additional CAQ certifications. Our radiologists offer expertise in multiple subspecialties including neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, emergency radiology, pediatrics, PET/CT & oncologic imaging and cardiac CT angiography.

5. Do you have technical support?

Our chat-based technical support operates around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For phone support, assistance is available from 8 am to 6 pm EST, Monday through Friday. If you reach out to us via email, please note that response times may take up to 12 hours, particularly during weekends. However, if an email is sent during regular business hours, we strive to provide a prompt response.

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