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Executive Team

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    Michael Yuz, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
    Michael is CEO and founder of He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive leadership and business background spanning all of his career, starting his first business at the age 14. Michael became fascinated with technology, internet, medicine and business at a very early age, a reason why he first chose to become a radiologist, the most technologically dependent medical specialty. He has acquired, invested into and traded many top domain names and has invested into biotech companies. Over the years, he started from scratch several successful internet related technologies and companies, including (teleradiology) and (automated radiology second opinion portal). He owns distinct IP including domain names, trademarks, internet/technology platform with multiple patents pending.
    Michael trained at several preeminent institutions including New York University and Thomas Jefferson. He received MBA degree in Healthcare from the prestigious George Washington University dedicating his studies towards evolving field of telemedicine / telehealth. He is a double boarded diagnostic radiologist, with extensive training and experience in multiple advanced modalities including MRI and Cardiac CT. He has held positions as Chief Radiologist in a large private radiology group, and was Director of a Cardiovascular CT laboratory at a private imaging center along with being the head medical instructor for a Cardiovascular and Body Section program during a teaching residency program.
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    Alex Krakopolski, Chief Technology Officer
    Alex is an expert in healthcare virtualization technologies and brings extensive leadership experience in healthcare IT infrastructure. He has over 20 years of experience as a Systems Managing Administrator and Information Technology Executive in International Banking and the Medical field. Since 2002, Alex has worked exclusively in the medical imaging/radiology and healthcare IT field as an executive.  He graduated in 1989 from St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO), world's leading IT/technology university, where he earned a Master of Science degree cum laude.

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    Nadya Kanevski, VP Engineering
    Nadya has over 20 years of experience in Web Technology. Nadya has expertise in Finance, Banking, Networking, Medical Research and Educational Applications web software development. She enjoys solving challenging problems experienced in all latest programming languages including JAVA and HTML5. Previously, Nadya has been working for multiple major US companies. She developed architectural solutions for web based applications and mobile devices and has been a senior architect and contractor for, Deutsche Bank, United Airlines, Accenture, First Data Corporation, Barclaycard and many others.

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    Elli Yuz, VP, Global Business Development
    Elli as a former executive in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry (including Wyeth Consumer Health and Celltech Pharmaceuticals) and brings tremendous business development experience to the company. While in pharmaceutical industry she was consistently ranked #1 in sales generation. Elli was an entrepreneur both within and outside the healthcare industry operating a number of successful businesses prior to being one of the founders of USARAD Holdings Inc. Currently she has the overall responsibility for global business developments. Elli graduated with a BBA degree from Hofstra University and has continued her education with graduate courses in finance and business management.

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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.