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Now Presenting Medical Tourism service:

  • Match you with a Center of Excellence that suits your needs
  • Assist you in communicating with Centers of Excellence
  • Book your stay
  • Assist with arrangements for transportation
  • Facilitate translation services as needed
  • We EXPEDITE appointments significantly

Medical tourism is a two way street internationally. Yet America has earned the best reputation in health care services around the world. Not only a popular tourist destination, The United States is the Number on Medical tourist destination around the world.

The United States is attracting medical tourists because of its high quality of care, Superior Medical training and resources made available here. International travel is affordable and American health care is comprehensive which makes it an attractive prospect. Legal protections in the united states reinforce the improved medical experience by offering recourse when necessary. offers a second layer of protection in the Medial Tourism business. International patients may receive access to American Board Certified Specialists when the health care or diagnosis they have received is inadequate. All of the necessary information may be easily uploaded to the customer’s secure account and made available to the appropriate specialist. Even if you are a patient with a cancer diagnosis, the Second Opinion Consultation you receive from our specialist will offer you additional insight that for your medical treatment options. Speaking to a medical specialist live on the phone about your medical concerns will give you the Peace of Mind you need to reduce stress and concentrate on getting better.

When you have made a treatment decision and have evaluated your options, if you choose to engage in Medical tourism, our staff is happy to assist you in connecting with the appropriate medical facility, including a variety of Centers of Excellence.

Product Price  
Medical Tourism $450.00
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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.