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Orthopedic Surgery Second Opinion

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Orthopedics is the study of human bones. It deals with identifying the problems and care of the human bones. There are subspecialists of orthopedic doctors like dental orthopedics. Orthopedic surgery, however, deals with the correction and treatment of the bones through surgery. Such surgeries involve correction of congenital disorders like deformed femurs (leg bones) or even dental orthopedic surgery like surgically removing impacted teeth. This branch of medicine also involves other medical concerns that bones may directly affect like the bloodstream and the nerves. Therefore, it is within reason to consider the benefits along with the risks of undergoing orthopedic surgery.

When met by a daunting course of treatment such as orthopedic surgery, prior to surgery, it is best to obtain a second opinion from another medical professional. In addition, the number of second opinions in regards to orthopedic surgery has increased within the past couple decades. Patients always stand to benefit from a second pair of eyes. It is of significant value to engage a diverse set of opinions on a medical condition and treatment plan, especially when it involves orthopedic surgery.

In a recent study regarding patients’ motives for obtaining a second medical opinion, it was determined that approximately 30 percent of orthopedic surgical patients had sought a second opinion. Their concerns did not stem from any incompetence displayed on the part of their original specialist, however a level of dissatisfaction was present due to an insufficient exchange of information and/or communication about their medical condition/treatment plan.

That being the case, if you are at all concerned with undergoing a surgical procedure or want to find out more about your condition from an alternative perspective, a second opinion is highly recommended.

“At the age of 76 and always quite healthy, I developed severe pain in my foot and ankle. Finally, after hobbling around for a few months, I saw an orthopedic surgeon who told me I had a torn patellar tendon (PTTD). Surgery was recommended to incorporate a different tendon and also to fix the cause - my flat feet (which I was born with). I would need to be off my feet for a number of weeks, then physical therapy. I was shocked. Since I am caring for my 83 year old husband who has Alzheimer’s, I couldn't believe this was happening. The pain didn't seem to be too bad, especially if I stayed off my feet. I was very concerned about being unable to continue to care for my husband, also about the pain, side effects, etc. of surgery and also whether the surgery would actually help me. I really wanted another opinion. The result was that my radiologist provided the exact same diagnosis as my local orthopedic surgeon. Thank you for being there - you provided me with the peace of mind I really needed.”  Jane G., Northfield, MN

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