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Kevin Harrington, the original shark from Shark Tank, has joined the team, based on its leading service in the telemedicine and medical second opinion field.

The global critically acclaimed healthcare company focuses first and foremost on the health of its patients. Using state-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Nanox (FDA pending), is excited to expand its superior service to a broader national network by collaborating with the original shark, Kevin Harrington.

The international, reputable platform, Healthline, lists as the best medical second opinion company because of its exceptional service for affordable prices. Trusted by over 200 million people each month, Healthline notes that is focused on providing accurate diagnoses and catching medical errors while doing so remotely to allow greater and faster access to its services.

Using the discount code SAVE30, you or a loved one can receive a 30% discount on the annual Platinum membership. As the novel Coronavirus pandemic has shown, health crises strike when you least expect them. Being prepared is the key to becoming healthy again. Don’t miss the chance to buy a membership now.


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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.