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Pediatric Cardiology Second Opinion

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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence
By ordering this Center of Excellence consultation, your medical file will be reviewed by expert physician team affiliated with one of the leading US Hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic, among many others. After order is placed and all medical records are received, please allow approximately 7-14 days to receive your consultation report. Please note that the final price of this consultation can be adjusted after your file is reviewed. We will not start a consultation until a confirmation email is sent to you.

Thomas G. Di Sessa, M.D.

Thomas G. Di Sessa, M.D.
Board Certification
American Board of Pediatric Cardiology
Medical School
State University of New York, Buffalo, New York
Pediatric Resident, University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center
Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital (UCSD), San Diego,
Thomas G. Di Sessa MD is a trained pediatric cardiologist with expertise in congenital heart disease, pediatric echocardiography including transesophogeal, pediatric cardiac catheterization, and pediatric lipid disorders. He received his pediatric training at UCLA center for the health sciences, and his Pediatric Cardiology training at the University of California San Diego. He has been on the medical faculty at UCLA (6 yrs), at University of Tennessee (18 yrs) and at the University of Kentucky (8 yrs). In addition he has been chief of pediatric cardiology at both the University of Kentucky and University of Tennessee. Other positions that he has held include director of the pediatric echocardiography laboratory at UCLA, U.T., and UCLA, Director of the Pediatric Catheriterization Laboratory at U.T. and director of the Pediatric lipid clinic at UCLA, U.T. and U.K. . He is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky.