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Center of Excellence
By ordering this Center of Excellence consultation, your medical file will be reviewed by expert physician team affiliated with one of the leading US Hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic, among many others. After order is placed and all medical records are received, please allow approximately 7-14 days to receive your consultation report. Please note that the final price of this consultation can be adjusted after your file is reviewed. We will not start a consultation until a confirmation email is sent to you.

Richard Cowett, M.D.

Richard Cowett, M.D.
Board Certification
Medical School
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital
Fellowship - Neonatology

Richard M. Cowett, MD, FAAP has spent his whole academic and professional career in caring for the newborn who requires neonatal intensive care. This care is primarily provided in an inpatient setting in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of a hospital. Dr. Cowett spent the first 30 years or so at the bedside. During the last eight years or so, Dr. Cowett has been in the insurance industry performing Utilization Management of the neonate in the NICU where he has evaluated the care of the neonate being provided in NICUs around the country.
When Dr. Cowett was on the faculty of the Brown University Medical School, he authored or co-authored many scholarly, peer reviewed publications about issues related to the newborn. Among his efforts, he was the editor of the much acclaimed textbook entitled Principles of Perinatal – Neonatal Metabolism, the second edition of which was published by Springer Verlag in 1998.

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